Best picture quality between Plasma and LCD

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I have a LCD screen and was just mazed at the new LED screens that are in the market, what is the best quality between the LCD and the plasma in terms of dots/inch in the screen density? How does this match upto the LED and what are the rations of the highest pixel density between the 3?

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Best picture quality between Plasma and LCD

Hi Andrew
LCD (liquid crystal display) it involves having a back light, usually florescent with the LCD screen in front of it. The LCD Screen is where the images and the color actually come from. One of the Drawbacks of the LCD Screen is that it can never produce true black, because that screen would have to be completely epic or solid in order to get the true rich deep block.
LED or light emitting diode is actually a little bit of a misnomer because a led TV is just an LCD TV that is a liquid display panel with a led back light instead of a cathode back light. This gives it a couple of advantages.
1. Lower power consumption
2. More thinner form factor
3. You can enable micro dimming
LED TVS are the higher end of LCD TVS
Plasma have excellent black levels because, instead of relying with the back-light with the screen in front of it the plasma display, actually outputs its own light so that means it doesn't need to output light so deep black is achieved, it also has an extremely fast response time which is good for gaming. The disadvantage of plasma it’s that compared to high end LCD or High end LED the colors can be a little bit washout if you are in daylight.


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