Best non iPod earphones under $40

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Hi guys,

I need suggestions on the best headset I can get for under $40.  Previously, I had the headset that came with my iPod.  They were ok, but I couldn't use them with my laptop, since only one of the two ear pieces worked.  I accidentally threw them in the wash with my laundry.  Now, I need a new pair.  Help on this would be great.  



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Best non iPod earphones under $40


You can buy zune premium earphones its $39.99 here are some of the other products earphones which are under $40 but with the good sounds quality that you can use for your iPod,

Sennheiser MX 400 IN -Ear -Headphones it is well know for its high quality and performance,it has a full bodied stereo sounds which is competitive to other high priced earphones,it come with a wind pocket carrying case on which you can use for the earphone.Another product that you can try to replace for your non iPod earphone is this JVC Marshmallow Earbuds.JVC

Marshmallow Earbuds are popular replacement for iPod accessories and iPhone,the sound is crisp and clear when you use it,and the ear pieces is very comfortable on your ear,it is made from foam and you can choose different sizes on which you will feel more comfortable.

JVC Marshmallow Earbuds can be bought in retail at $19.99 less than 20 bucks.

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Best non iPod earphones under $40


Hello Diego,

I am glad that you have posted your query here. Well there are several earphones that are available in the market but you are looking for an earphone that cost $40 and below. I recommend you to use Koss  KSC 75 its just $19.99. Just try using this earphone.

Thank you.


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