Any Information for Sun 5.9?

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I am using Sun 5.9 and not familiar with this OS.

I would like to see some information about the command used, time and date when sending mail to me.

Where I will see the information? Please help. 

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Any Information for Sun 5.9?


Hi Armand Santos,

    You were asking about the details of a Sun 5.9.   It is also a kind of Unix Operating Structure. It is basically design by Sun Micro systems.  It's features are: iPlanet Directory server, Resource Manager, Java Desktop structure, Open Windows dropped, etc.

    Solaris can be downloaded from different introduction packaged software team leveling from a particular.  It can also be downloaded from physical network which is used by the server or a desktop.  It can also be downloaded even if it has no video presentation or a mouse.  This can be chosen for particular workstation or laptop in a limited area where an aid is commonly used.

Hope this might help you.


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