Battery full charge, it takes 30 minutes to hold time

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I have a Galaxy S5 with me. I didn’t have any issues with it, one day after charging it, left it for 30 minutes and battery is almost drained. I didn’t even use the phone, I left it in my room. I tried to delete some applications but that didn’t work also. Can you tell me what are the best ways to resolve this issue? Can you provide me alternative solutions to do this? What are the possible causes of this problem? Can you guide me with this? Thank you!

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Battery full charge, it takes 30 minutes to hold time



Whenever your phone’s battery drains so fast, first of all, make sure that it’s not the fault of your battery. Old and problematic batteries drain charge fast and it’s because of the OS problem of Android as well.

First of all, restart your phone, uninstall as many apps as you can to see if that works. Many apps drain the battery fast and thus, cause the trouble. If possible, uninstall all the apps you installed and then restart your phone.

Next, check that if your device has the latest update. Many Galaxy S5 users have faced such issue and Samsung has also released fix for it.

In order to get the latest software update,

1. Go to Apps >> Settings >> About device >> Software update.

2. Tap “Update”.

3. Wait while the update downloads.

4. Install the update.

You can also use apps like CM Battery Doctor that tweaks the system for least battery usage and warn you if any app makes lots of battery energy. 

If still no solution, get a brand new battery for your device.

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Battery full charge, it takes 30 minutes to hold time


The cause why your phone’s battery got drained easily is with the phone itself. It got some processes that run in the background even when you are not using your phone. Also, there are times when you close an app after using it, the app doesn’t completely close. It remains running in the background. To make sure every app you use exit successfully, check your phone’s Task Manager.

Another way is to install an app called Clean Master. It is a free Android app that includes its own free antivirus that will protect the security of your device. One of the many great features of Clean Master is the “Battery Saver”. This feature helps you save battery power and extend battery life by hibernating running apps. Another great feature of Clean Master is “Charge Master”.

With this feature, your phone is protected from overcharging. It displays charging status and application message while the phone is charging. For gamers, the app has a feature called “Game Master” which allows you to manage your games, speed up the games’ loading, and more.

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