Is Sony Pictures hacked? Are their systems and mobile devices usable?

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I was told that Sony Pictures has been hacked and the company has compelled the users to shut their computer systems and disable the Wi-Fi connectivity on their mobile devices. Are there any demands from the hackers? Does anyone know more about this issue? Is it true or just a rumor?

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Is Sony Pictures hacked? Are their systems and mobile devices usable?


When it comes to hacking or being hacked, I mean, I guess Sony is not a beginner on this though maybe this is currently the worst. According to a website, the recent attack aimed at its movie division rather than the PlayStation. All the computers of the company including overseas stopped working and it happened 2 days ago, November 24, 2014.

On that day, all computers cease to function and a skull started appearing on every screen with a weird ominous message telling that they’ve been hacked by something called “#GOP”. The message includes several links that points to downloading a ZIP file from different websites located around the world where some are no longer functioning. See image.

The company is completely paralyzed and no corporate emails are coming in and out. Using the computer is a hit or miss thing because you’ll never know if your calls will go to email. The message says something about demands but according to them, there are actually no specific demands. According to, the hackers were also able to control the company’s Twitter accounts.

The company urged its employees not to connect to any company network or even access their inboxes at work. I’ve also read a comment that GOP said they had “inside help”. And evidently, one server got compromised which then escalated to something this big. I’m not sure what they meant about the “inside help”.

It is possible that they have contact inside that installed a reverse-connection shell on the server that bypasses the corporate firewall.

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