USB Joystick or Game pad config.

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Does any body know how to configure a USB Joystick? I am playing emulation games on my computer from Nintento64, Zega and other old games. I am using jnes as my game emulator, but I cannot get the control configuration correctly. Can any one give me some instructions on how to set up game pad correctly? What are other game emulators that I can use?

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USB Joystick or Game pad config.


A game emulator is a kind of program that makes you computer operate like another machine. These emulators allow the user to make their computer handles video game from other systems that are now obsolete. Some of these are Zega, Nintendo64, Snes, Family Computer etc. They don’t need to have this kind of machines if they want to play video games that can only be run from those platforms or systems; they just need to have an emulator for a specific game.

Bloodlust software was the first game emulator that has been released that mimics the Nintendo Entertainment System. There are many emulators available for download over the net for SNES you can use SNES9X or ZSNES, for NES you can use Netopia or FCEUX, for Game Boy and Game Boy Colour you can use BGB, for Game Boy Advanced you can use Visual Boy Advance, for PS1 you can use ePSXe, for PS2 you can use PCSX2 and a lot more.

Configuring the game pad is quite easy. I have here a screen shot of configuration for Jnes emulator. The below image is the configuration of the USB Joystick that is similar to the game pad functions in a PlayStation.


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USB Joystick or Game pad config.


Hi Daniel!

  • There are different kinds of emulator for each game console, finding the right one to use
  • Is time consuming. Some emulator needs to have a plug-in for it to work and some are very tricky to configure.
  • I will list the best emulator for each game that don't need plug-in and easy to configure:


  • Name / Operating System / Free or with payment / Rating
  • For Game cube & Nintendo Wii————-
  • Dolphin / Windows / Freeware / Rating: 4/5
  • For GameBoy Advance————-
  • Visual boy Advance /  Windows / Freeware / Rating: 5/5
  • For SNES(super nintendo)————-
  • ZSNES /   Windows / Freeware / Rating: 5/5
  • For Nintendo DS————-
  • DeSmuME / Windows / Freeware / Rating: 5/5
  • For Ps and Ps2————-
  • EPSXE and PCSX2 / Windows / Freeware / Rating: 4/5
  • For Xbox————-
  • XEon / Windows / Freeware / Rating: 4/5
  • For SEGA dreamcast————-
  • Nulldc / Windows / Freeware / Rating: 5/5
  • All of this emulator are easy to configure  just go to option and you'll be playing before you know it!!!
  • As for Controllers, There are different software for you to use and can allow your mouse to be a controller.
  • I use these software:
  • JOYTOKEY—– It has a website that will give you all you need to know in configuring it
  • XPADDER—– As for this it needs  some payment for you to download.  But i know there is a free BETA of it, Just search the net.

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