Backing up email on Outlook 2007 fails

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I find an error signal whenever I want to back up Email. I use Win 7 Professional OS, Microsoft Office 2007, along with this 2011 (including latest update available). I get the following error message:

failed to backup file or folder microsoft office outlook


Failed to back up file or folder Microsoft Office

Outlook/Profiles/Outlook/2FC8E0769E8B5E4399F 59D E D4AO9FDB7/".

Retry Ignore Cancel

I checked the knowledge base and it stated that this error signal happens only when Outlook is trying to run but for me it happens all the time. Also knowledge base showed that with this error signal, no private Folders in Outlook can be backed up.

I just bought a back up program, and not being able to back up a large amount of my Email is annoying. I try to back up all my PST files in the data backup part of this 2011.

It will mean that I would receive my messages in private Folders back in the event of a collapse, but still one should be able to back up Outlook.

Dragging PST files from a data file would need resetting up an email ID, re-starting all my settings and bringing the PST files. My last irritation is that I am not able to get phone, email or live chat hold from Acronis without giving them money.

Need a solution to fix this problem. Thanks a lot.

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Backing up email on Outlook 2007 fails


Dear Scottnolans,

Yes, all what you mentioned exists in the Acronis Knowledge Base, they assume too that an update of the program fixes this issue, did you try to update to the latest release?

A workaround to this issue is to use Windows task scheduler instead of Acronis scheduled as follows:

  • Create the email backup using Acronis and don't schedule backups.
  • Right click the backup placed on the desktop and create a shortcut.
  • Click "Start" button and type "task scheduler".
  • Follow the following link to know how to schedule a program to run automatically.
  • Get all the needed information on the previous link from the information showed by right click your shortcut.
  • Make sure that you run with highest privileges.
  • Finals schedule the trigger to run whenever you like.

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck.

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Backing up email on Outlook 2007 fails



Hi Scottnolans,

Before we get started with to solution download the PST back up tool on this site first:


After downloading the said application, install it and check if you met the necessary requirements for it.

Now here are the steps on using PST tool.

NOTE: The personal file that you want to open must be open. If it’s visible in the folder it is open. Now, run the application.

1. Click FILE and click BACKUP.

Open the attached file to see the image of the backup option.

REMINDER: checked the attached file before checking the numbers (1, 2, 3, 4).

Number (1) is where you can see the list of personal folders in the files that will be back up.

Number (2) is where you can see the last time that a backup was completed.

Number (3) this is where you will set which personal folders is included, and where the backup will be saved.

Number (4) is where you can open the previously created backups.

2. Click OPTIONS.

REMINDER: again checked the attached file to see the exact image of the option tab.

Number (1) is where you can check the reminders. (Days that you will be reminded when to backup).

Number (2) is where you can check the personal files that you want to backup.

Number (3) is the location of the file you want to back up will be copied.

3. Check each item you want to back up in the “backup up this personal folder file” list.

4. Select a different folder Click “Browse” and Click “OPEN” after selecting a different location.

5. Click “OK”.

6. Click “save backup”.

Here is another simple solution for your problem.

1. Changed the location where you want your files to be copied.

2. If you are trying to backup it on a Removable disk (USB, CD, DVD,) check if the connection has a problem or the free size of the file you backing up.

Backup options-reminder-backup files-file location outlook personal folders backup window

Good Luck.


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Backing up email on Outlook 2007 fails


I am thankful to to kie and kar for their awesome solution. I go forward through your solution and received my desired solution. Thanks a lot to you guys again. Best regards to you. Thanks

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