AVGfree is neither uninstalled nor worked

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I deprivation to uninstall the AVGfree but it is neither uninstalled nor works.

Should i reinstall windows or is there any solution without reinstalling the operating scheme,  institute me result please

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AVGfree is neither uninstalled nor worked


For most precaution applications there are matter files that remain change after the acceptable uninstallation has been finished. These are the files that are exploit your job. To work the job there are tools obtainable to plum up the remaining AVG files. One such means is the app remover which disposable for a unrestrained download on this nexus: https://www.opswat.com/metaaccess. Download the means and simulate the wizard to completely uninstall the AVG files.

AVG soul also provided a puppet for the unvarying and its getable here: https://www.avg.com/en-ww/utilities

To solve the problem manually without downloading the uninstallers , search and remove the following files

Windows XP

C:Program FilesAVG or C:Program files(x86)AVG (for 64bit OS)

C:Documents and settingsAll usersApplication dataAVG8

C:Documents and settingsAll usersApplication dataAVG9

C:Documents and settingsAll usersApplication dataAVG10

Windows Vista/7

C:Program FilesAVG or C:Program files(x86)AVG (for 64bit OS)







Once you withdraw the files, continue your computer. You should healthy to now install a new antivirus. Hope I bang been of resource.


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