AVG antivirus is not uninstalling.

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I have installed AVG antivirus software. Now I want to uninstall the antivirus software.

But I am not able to uninstall the software.

If I reinstall the Windows XP then the same problem occur.

In both cases give the following message: You have no privilege to execute the task.

In my PC only one user: administrator.

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AVG antivirus is not uninstalling.


How to Remove AVG Software.


1. Open up your Start menu. This is in the lower-left corner and looks like a button with a four-colored flag on it. A new menu should open in the lower-left corner that has many different icons.

2. Hover your mouse over the “All Programs” area in this menu. This will open up a new menu to the side of it with a list of programs. Look for an icon named “AVG” followed by a version number (this will be 7.5 or something similar).

3. Move your mouse over to the “AVG” icon, and yet another menu should open up to the right of it. This should open a cluster of four different menus. Look for the one that says “Uninstall AVG.”

4. Click on the “Uninstall AVG” icon. This will bring up a box with a blue bar on it and a button marked “Cancel.” The computer is preparing to remove all of the files that are associated with AVG.

5. Wait for the blue bar to fill up. Once it does, another box will open that says “Uninstall AVG” with two boxes that say “Remove User Settings” and “Including Objects in the Virus Vault."

6. Place a check in both of the “Remove User Settings” and “Including Objects in the Virus Vault” areas. This will ensure that everything associated with AVG is removed from the computer.

7. Click "Yes." After this, another box with a blue bar will pop up. Simply wait for the blue bar to finish filling up, and AVG will be removed from your computer. The computer may require a restart once it is finished to completely uninstall everything.

And if still doesn`t works try to reformat your computer. Because reformatting your pc makes your system "empty". It means general deleting your previous system (all files,folders,applications,viruses,…etc…). So it is impossible to format your pc and your previous pc problem is still there.

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AVG antivirus is not uninstalling.


Dear Miss,

Please try in the following way. I hope this will help you.

Go to: Start Menu > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Select AVG Antivirus. Click on Remove. Then the antivirus software will be removed very easily. 

Sincerely yours.

Shantanu Biswas

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