Availability of Facebooking Etiquettes in the site

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Etiquettes in Facebooking is unlikely to be seen to some in FaceBook. Should this be made available in the site?

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Availability of Facebooking Etiquettes in the site



Crewe Bob,


it is absolutely right that FaceBook etiquettes need to be made available and displayed in the site such that each and every member of the site will go through them. I have seen a community page as Official FaceBook Etiquette which also listed out and explained all the basic etiquettes that should be taken care by users while using FaceBook. There are also a lot of users posting questions and getting answers in turn on the FaceBook etiquettes. But apart from such community pages, it is very much required to display a set of strict rules on some top corner of the page either as an auto scrolling text so that users can't skip reading it. Also each and every user can follow a practice of display the rules on their own wall, so that people visiting the wall could see it before they post any nuisance. FaceBook even can take up this issue and keep a validation like "I agree and abide to the FaceBook etiquettes, while posting to any other user's wall.

– Charles Faru

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