Automatic restart and keyboard problem

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I am Mahekrajput.

I have a laptop & I have been using it for the past 4 years. My laptop's brand is APPLE model.

A problem has been detected from 2 months. When I am working, it restarts automatically without any message.

Some times my keyboard doesn't work properly. I don't understand what can I do now?

I tried to solve this problem, but I couldn't. Why does my computer restart without any message & my keyboard doesn't work properly?

Please give me a solution about this problem as soon as possible.



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Automatic restart and keyboard problem


Hello Mahekrajput,

Here is my solution for you. Please follow the steps below. I hope that my solutions will resolve your problem. And feel free to ask more questions.

  • You are going to turn off the Automatic Restart. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to Safe Mode.
2. Right click My Computer select Properties.
3. On the Advanced Tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery.
4. Uncheck the box with Automatic Restart and click OK.
5. Then restart your system in normal mode.

  • Most of the times the reason for this problem would be in your memory RAM. Clean your memory RAM. Here are the steps:

1. Remove your memory RAM on your laptop, then clean it using an eraser.
2. Rub the golden surface only and when you're done with that.
3. Get a soft cloth to clean the particles of eraser.
4. Then insert it now to your computer.

  • There is also a solution for your problem using DISK CLEANUP. Please follow this steps:

1. Go to Start, All Programs then Accessories and System Tools.
2. Then select Disk Cleanup.
3. Wait after the scanning ends. After the scanning Disk Cleanup Box will open.
4. Select all the boxes.
5. Click OK.
6. Then select Yes.

  • Check the Logical Drives Volume for errors.

1. Go to Start menu and click My Computer.
2. Right click your main local drive C and click Properties.
3. Click the Tools tab then click Check Now under Error-checking.
4. And click Start.
5. When the Disk Cleanup utility is done cleaning up and the disk cleanup disappears.
6. Restart your computer.


1. Do defrag your computer at least once a week/month.
2. This is the steps to do defragmentation.
3. Go to Start, All Programs then click Accessories, System Tools then Disk Defragmenter.
4. Right click the Drive C your main system logical drive and click Defragment. Then restart your computer.

  • You can also resolve it by using SYSTEM RESTORE. You are going to Restore your computer from the last time that computer works good. Here's the steps:

1. Go to Start, All Programs then select Accessories and System Tools then click System Restore.
2. Now, select the task of Restore my computer to an earlier time.
3. Click next, then in the calendar choose what date you wanted to restore then click Next.
4. And your system will automatically restart.

  • VIRUSES can affect your drives and the most symptoms of having virus is automatically restarted. You just need to have updating anti-virus to protect your computer. You are going to scan your computer daily as much as possible. Make sure your computer is safe with viruses. So, update your anti-virus regularly.
  • Automatically restart by it self is because if there are many open programs and applications. These remains in the memory if it is too much for the memory to handle that you are running too many applications and opening many websites, it will shutdown. If you are multimedia user or a heavy internet user then you are better upgrade your memory, at least 512 Mb of memory.
  • Set the Standby and Monitor to turn off in Safe Mode method. Here's the steps for SYSTEM STANDBY:

1. Log in to safe mode.
2. Right click desktop.
3. Properties.
4. Screen saver.
5. Power.
6. In Power Schemes tab look down to System Standby then from the drop down list click NEVER.
7. click OK and Apply.
8. Now before you restart your system.

  • And here's the steps for MONITOR SETTINGS:

1. Right click on Desktop select Properties.
2. Then in the Screen saver Tab, click Power.
3. In the Turn off monitor drop down list and click NEVER.
4. click OK and Apply.
5. Restart your system.

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Automatic restart and keyboard problem


Hi Mahekrajput,

I hope this will help solve your problem. Your laptop is maybe infected with virus, worms or Malware.

You should install Antivirus to protect your computer from harmful software.

Always update your Antivirus to have the latest definitions of virus, worms and Malware and you should regularly scan you computer.

It should be once a week, to keep your computer healthy.

If this cannot fix your computer, the final solution is to format your computer.

But before you format, you should keep your important files in a flash drive.

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