Anti Virus software for Apple Laptop

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I am using Apple Laptop at my home and I am facing very slow speed. I think it might be because of virus. As I am new in using Apple Laptop, please anyone suggest me which Anti Virus should I use for Apple Laptop?

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Anti Virus software for Apple Laptop


Mac machines are not really affected to virus as much as the windows machine. If you still need an antivirus then Try using ClamXav, which is free. Others you can try are Clamcour( it checks the incoming mails for viruses and  will reject them if it finds any, it is a freeware),Agax antivirus( not very suitable for newer versions of Mac), iAntivirus ( This is the best for MAC and is again a freeware), McAfee, Norton.

So the best bet according to me is iAntivirus.

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Anti Virus software for Apple Laptop


Macintosh computers are not immune to malware or viruses.  All viruses that run in Mac OSX are just false alarm or not a true virus. The only malware that can run in Macintosh computers are Trojans, but it can be easily be prevented with some basic computer educations.

Why Mac OSX computers do not have many viruses compared to windows? (Below are some reasons)

– Mac OS X is built on the Unix Kernel , that is certainly one among the eldest and most secure and safe operating systems available .

– Most virus writers are more familiar with the IBM (A  Windows Platform), which means it’s easier for them create a virus for that platform.

– Many people use Windows operating systems compared to Mac OSX, and so in that case Windows are much better target than Macintosh OS.

But if you really want safety and security on your Apple Laptop, below is the list of antivirus that you can trust to use:

·         Sophos  Anti-Virus

·         Intego Virus Barrier

·         Bit Defender Antivirus for Mac

·         McAfee

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