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My laptop battery backup is only 1 hours 30 mint.How can i increase my laptop battery backup service.

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Computer hardware and trouble shooting




For increasing your laptop back up take the following steps:

-Defragment your hard disk regularly. It will help your laptop to run your hard disk faster and save power.

-Decrease your screen brightness. Most battery power is used for display. So by making display dim you can save most power.

-Disconnect other external your USB devices. Then these devices will not use power from your battery.

-Stop multitasking. Work with one program at a time. Working with more programs at time makes the hard disk run slow and conserve more power.

-Close all the background programs.

-Increase your Ram to work your pc faster. It will also save power.

If you want more back up than buy a 12 cell battery instead of 6 cell for your laptop.

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Computer hardware and trouble shooting



I think there is no way of increasing the number of hours your laptop battery can last. The life of the battery depends on the manner of computing you are doing. If you open and work on multiple applications at the same time then the battery would deplete in a very fast rate. That’s because of the amount of power consumed by the processor to keep the software running. The more software you open the harder the processor will work and the more power is consumed.

And it doesn’t always depend on the number of applications you run at one instance. It also depends on the kind of software you use. If you play a game, it consumes a little bit higher than normal applications do. One game might be equivalent to 2 to 4 applications running. This is because video games need more processing because of its visual orientation. Games usually display quality graphics and this sometimes need higher type of video card that offers great video processing and of course will consume more power. The life of the battery really depends on how you use your laptop computer. The power consumption on the computer are combination of power consumed by the processor, the graphics accelerator, RAM card, hard drive, cooling fans, network card, and more depending on the devices attached.

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