How to open .iso file?

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Guys i really have this problem that kick my butt off!

I'm a government employer and i work as draftsman. My skill is to build construction site plan thru CAD. I am trying to install Autocad 2008 in my laptop but apparently, the file format of the setup is CAD.iso which is it cannot open the setup?

How does this file works? Do i have to install again the installer? As i remember this cd was work on my friends personal computer. So it has to be work on my laptop too.

I have project to do and shall be finish next week. A little help please thanks

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How to open .iso file?


It looks like you are using an earlier version of Windows Operating System since windows 7 has a built in functionality to open ISO file extensions. Now to before I provide you with the solution on how you can use that CAD.iso, I will first explain what an ISO is. 

ISO image is an archived file which is more commonly known as a disk image. It is an exact copy of an optical disk. An ISO image is used to recreate an optical drive provided of course that you have the correct program that will read the contents of the ISO file and burn/write it on an optical drive.

Now, in order for you to be able to use the CAD.iso file you will need to either burn it to an optical disk (DVD or CD) or mount it as a virtual drive. Doing either of the two require you to use another program. Of which, most are shareware, meaning you need to purchase them and there are some that’s freeware. I will provide you with a program that will be enable you to either burn an ISO to a CD or mount it on a virtual drive.

MagicDisc Program

The program’s name is MagicDisc, which is a freeware, meaning it’s free to use and to download. You can either Google it or just like go to to download the program. Once installed there will be an icon on the system tray indicating that the program is running on the background.

MagicDisc Program

There will be a pop up menu, you then need to select “Virtual CD/DVD ROM”.

Virtual CD DVD ROM

Select one of the Virtual drives, in this case it’s the K: No media. Then click on “Mount”.

ISO image is an archived file
  • Next, you need to browse to the exact location of the CAD.iso file, click on it and then click on ok.
  • That should have mounted the ISO file onto the Virtual CD drive, and if your computer is configured with autorun, it will automatically open the ISO file for you.
  • So that you have other options, I am also providing you with other software that are capable of opening ISO file extensions. Though these needs to be purchased, you can use the trial version of each software.
  • WinRAR — free trial version. This allows you to open the ISO archive and extract all the information to a certain destination. Just extract the files in the CAD.iso to a destination of your choice, once its been extracted, then you can just click on the setup program. Viola, AutoCAD is installed.
  • Nero / RoxioMediaCreator — both are shareware, meaning you need to purchase the program. These programs is just like MagicDisc, in a sense that it lets you create a CD from an ISO file, but it does not have the ability to mount the ISO file to a virtual drive.
  • Power ISO – not sure if it’s still free to use or you need to purchase. This is the program that I am personally using. Same as MagicDisc, but with a lot more features and better User Interface.
  • Just take your pick, but if you are pressed funds, then MagicDisc will work just fine with what you need to accomplish.

Good Luck.

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How to open .iso file?


Firstly I would like to tell you that ISO file is not installation file. You have to mount it by using a virtual ROM. Virtual ROM means it displays a DVD ROM or CD ROM in My Computer. Daemon tool is one of the easiest software to make a virtual ROM in My Computer. Mount the ISO file to Daemon tool and go to My Computer and after that it is like as you are using CD or DVD. Install the program.

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How to open .iso file?


The file you have “CAD.iso” is an ISO file. It is an image file of an actual CAD setup CD. Though you cannot literally use it to install CAD on your computer because it is in image format, you need to burn it on a blank CD or DVD disc in order to use it and install CAD on your computer.

To burn it on a blank disc, you need either a CD writer or a DVD writer. If you don’t have a CD or DVD writer to burn the ISO file, an alternative is to install a virtual drive. With a virtual drive, you can mount your ISO file without the need to burn it on a blank CD or DVD.

It’s as if you’ve already burned it into a blank CD or DVD. When you mount your ISO file into a virtual drive, it simulates an actual optical drive and your ISO file is like an actual disc ready to be accessed. This is the cheaper way of using an ISO instead of buying a new CD or DVD writer to burn the ISO image.

Since you need a virtual drive, download and install DAEMON Tools Ultra. Aside from using a virtual drive to access your ISO file, you can use a file compressor to literally unpack the ISO file’s contents.

You can extract the contents of your “CAD.iso” file with 7-Zip and run the setup file once the extraction is finished.

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