Authentication of Kerberos to SQL Server

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 I want to do authentication of Kerberos to SQL Server. For doing this I have to do delegation. So, I selected ‘The delegation Tab from AD and on the Trust this computed for delegation’. After that, I have selected ‘only use Kerberos’. Then selected ‘add user and apply’ but I got an error message of ‘Access Denied’. Since I am the administrator I don’t know why this error message comes up. Please help me to find the problem. Thanks in advance. Please see the screen shot.

Active Directory

The following Active Directory error occurred: Access denied.

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Authentication of Kerberos to SQL Server




First, you must be a member of the domain administrator group or the enterprise administrator group in the active directory or must previously have been delegated the authority to allow the pc to be trusted for delegation. And a Domain Administrator user account cannot do it.

You may go to the security tab and compare settings on other domain controller. It can find out more information.

And try this:- Use member of Enterprise Administrator group to set “allow a computer to be trusted for delegation”

If anything not worked finally try to run it “as an administrator”

Contact me if you can’t understand

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