ArmA game error has occurred

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I like the war missions on ArmA but recently I have not been able to play any mission because of the error shown below. Is this unique to me or someone else has the same problem?

Adapter 0(Dell 2650) Fullscreen  Resolution 800x600, format X8R8G8B8/A8R8G8B8/D2458, refresh 60Hz  Error D3DERR_INVALIDCALL


Cannot create 3D device:

Adapter 0(Dell 2650) Fullscreen

Resolution 800×600, format X8R8G8B8/A8R8G8B8/D2458, refresh 60Hz


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ArmA game error has occurred


I think the error here has nothing to do with the game but with the hardware you used on your computer. Since you did not mention anything about the video card you are using, I tried searching for your CPU since it is the branded type. You are using a Dell PowerEdge 2650 computer system and regarding with the video card, it seems the problem is really the device.

Your CPU ships with an ATI Rage XL PCI video controller with an 8 MB video RAM. Thinking that you are playing Armed Assault or ArmA, the amount of video RAM your video card has is not enough to support and render the game. The game you are playing requires a much higher specification than with your video card.

The game requires at least an NVIDIA Geforce FX or an ATI Radeon 9500 video card with 128 MB video RAM and supports Pixel Shader 2.0. Although your operating system is supported by the game, it is your video card that doesn’t have the capacity to render the game. You can always fix this problem if you want to play the game by purchasing a rather higher video card with the above specifications.

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ArmA game error has occurred


It seems to me you are using an outdated video card. As from the error message above you are playing at 800 x 600 resolution so I may assume you are playing the game on a low end system.

Try updating your video card driver which might help and also consider upgrading your computer in the future.
For ATI video card see this forum.

And if you are having NVIDIA video card open Nvidia's website, choose your video card and download the latest drivers.

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