Are there any programs that can convert texts to lotus notes?

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I found a converter tool while surfing the internet. It converts your emails on outlook express to lotus notes.

Are there any other programs that can convert other texts to lotus notes?

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Are there any programs that can convert texts to lotus notes?



I had a hard time finding a program that will convert texts to Lotus Notes. What I found is a script that can convert Lotus Notes data to a text file. The script below will export Domino Data using Lotus script to a text file. It will retrieve “notes.ini” variables and then send them to a text file.

'to prevent error for directory already created with mkdir line


On Error Resume Next


' Initialize variables

Dim session As NotesSession

Dim curdb As NotesDatabase

Dim ClientDataPath As String

Dim IdFileOnClient As String

Dim idFileNewOnClient As String

Dim ClientLocationDoc As String

Dim ClientMailSrv As String

Dim ClientMailFile As String

Dim wordobj As Variant


'Get session and database

Set session = New NotesSession

Set curdb = session.CurrentDatabase


' Get Client notes.ini information

ClientLocationDoc = session.GetEnvironmentString("Location",True)

ClientMailSrv = session.GetEnvironmentString("MailServer",True)

ClientMailFile = session.GetEnvironmentString("MailFile",True)

ClientDataPath = session.GetEnvironmentString("Directory",True)

IdFileOnClient = session.GetEnvironmentString("KeyFilename",True)

 If Instr(idFileOnClient,"")<>0 Then

 IdFileNewOnClient = Strrightback(IdFileOnClient,"")


 idFileNewOnClient = IdFileOnClient

 End If


'Create first text file


' Used to create first file

fileNum% = Freefile()

Mkdir "c:stagingr6"

fileName$ = "c:stagingr6notes.ini"


' Write But notes.ini information.

Open fileName$ For Output As fileNum%

Print #fileNum%, "[Notes]"

Print #fileNum%, "KitType=1"

Print #fileNum%, "SharedDataDirectory=C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataLotusNotesDataShared"

Print #fileNum%, "Directory=C:Documents and Settings%username%Application DataLotusNotesDataShared"

Print #fileNum%, "MailServer=" & ClientMailSrv

Print #fileNum%, "MailFile=" & ClientMailFile

Print #fileNum%, "Location=" & ClientLocationDoc

Print #fileNum%, "StackedIcons=1"

Print #fileNum%, "TCPIP=TCP,0,15,0"

Print #fileNum%, "Ports=TCPIP"

Print #fileNum%, "KeyFileName=" & IdFileNewOnClient

Print #fileNum%, "TemplateSetup=600400"

Print #fileNum%, "Setup=650200"

Close fileNum%


' Used to create second file

fileNum2% = Freefile()

fileName2$ = "c:stagingr6dataFolder.txt"


' Write put data folder location

Open fileName2$ For Output As fileNum2%

Print #fileNum2%, ClientDataPath

Close fileNum2%


End Sub

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