‘Server is not a known TCPIP host’ is appearing in Lotus notes

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I’m experiencing an error from the Lotus Notes client. The ‘server is not a known TCPIP host’ is always appearing and I can’t stop it. Anyway, I don’t know the meaning of it that’s why I can’t fix it on my own. Please help me explain the meaning of this and how to solve this. Thanks for your help guys.

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‘Server is not a known TCPIP host’ is appearing in Lotus notes


Hello Ira,

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet

These errors may be caused by a server configuration, frequently switching locations. Check the Network Address field if the host name or IP address if it is correct. Make sure also that the TCP/IP is enabling to your current locations.

If IP address was listed but this error message still appeared. Then also check the TCPIP port settings against their Hosts file or DNS. If DNS is not working correctly update the DNS servers to point the FQHN(Domain Name Fully Qualified) to the correct


Thank you,

Shelly B.

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