The Application VueScan quit unexpectedly.

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With “VueScan” my scan seems awesome; on the other hand the application is distant from steady.

Freshly I have received a collapse always I end the application. I really care to throw out the movie, I end the scanner window, and after that I end VueScan; however 8 times from 9 this is what I receive in go back error.

I am forecasting to spend a little time on Vuescan's carry forums to view if there are any identified workarounds.

Some thoughts?

The Application VueScan quit unexpectedly.

The Application VueScan quit unexpectedly.

Mac OS X and other applications are not affected.

Click Reopen to open the appi.cation again. Click Report to see more details or send a report to Apple.

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The Application VueScan quit unexpectedly.



Obviously you have bug in this application. Since you forgot to give us bug report we can't help you. Only thing I can do is to advise you. As you can see, you Report button, click on this button and bug report will be sent to team which develop this application afterwards they will release fix for this problem and then you won't have any problems with this. But this process can be long sometimes so be patient. Regards.

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