Application Virtualization Management Console shows error

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Hi everyone,

I have been getting an unexpected error accessing the management console. I can’t add any groups in any application and therefore can’t set any permission. Please advise me on this annoying issue. I am new to this application and I guess that is why am getting stuck so any tutorials will be helpful too.

Unexpected error occurred.

Unable to modify the specified Application. Please report the following error code to your System Administrator.

Error code: 0000B004

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Application Virtualization Management Console shows error


This problem occurs due to the following reasons:

– The SG database transaction log has reached the maximal file size

– The partition containing the SG database transaction log does not have enough disc space

There are two ways to solve this problem:

1. If the log reaches maximum file size due to restricted file growth,

– Start SQL Server Enterprise Manager

–  Connect to the SG database server, expand Databases and after that expand SOFTRICITY.

– Make sure that the following settings apply in the Transaction Log tab: the Automatically Grow File box should be checked, File growth should be at 10 (in the percent box) and under Maximum File size, Unrestricted growth should be chosen.

– Click Cancel and exit the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

– Modify the SG database transaction log settings or reduce the database transaction log.

If the problem is with disk space:

– Find the location of the SG database transaction log's location: follow the first two steps of the previous solution, then right-click SOFTRICITY and choose Properties. Open the transaction log tab and note the value in the Location column in the SOFTRICITY Log row. Click cancel and exit the Enterprise Manager.

– Examine the partition of the location for available disk space.

– Increase disk space or reduce the transaction log.

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