Apple’s iPad 2 Vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire

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Hi there,

Apple's iPad 2 Vs. Amazon's Kindle Fire. Can anyone explain them in detail.

Cost wise which is best and my purpose is just home use.

Thank you

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Apple’s iPad 2 Vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire


Their are a lot of similarities between the two products. Amazon's Kindle Fire is $199, $300 less than Apple's iPad 2 at $499. They both have an in-plane switching display: the screen size for the Amazon's Kindle Fire is 7" with 169 PPI and more than 16 million colors where as the screen size for Apple's iPad 2 is 9.7" with 132 PPI and more than 16 million colors. Amazon's Kindle Fire is 14.6 oz, compared to the heavier iPad at 21.28 oz. Amazon's Kindle Fire has a battery life of up to 7.5 hours of video playback and 8 GB of flash memory plus free cloud storage on all things, and Apple's iPad 2 has a battery life of up to 10 hours of mixed use and 16 GB of flash memory plus free cloud storage excluding movies. They both exhibit a 1 GHz dual core processor, they both include E-mail, they both have Wi-Fi capabilities, and they both can download movies, shows, songs, games, apps, magazines, & books; respectively, from either or iTunes.

For the price, Amazon's Kindle Fire is far better a product. It's speakers are in stereo, rather than mono. And the best aspect is that Amazon Prime members can instantly stream movies and television shows to their Kindle Fire at no additional cost; not to mention, Amazon Prime members can borrow books at no additional cost. And for the home, Amazon's Kindle Fire is perfect the home, and outside the home. Wherever, the specs and options that Amazon's Kindle Fire makes it an ideal purchase.

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Apple’s iPad 2 Vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire


Hello Qurat!


The fact that Apple as a manufacturer is a very popular and respected in the world. There are many differences between the two tablets, and here are some of them:
Kindle Fire for $ 300 cheaper than the iPad, has a better display to 28%, iPad is heavier than the Kindle, Kindle has flash support, Amazon Prime members get accessible to many types of films and books without paying.
And compared with these facts, these are the features that adorn the iPad 2: The iPad has a camera, 3 GB of memory depending on the model, a much longer shelf life of the battery, has Bluetooth support and a 16-64 GB of flash memory, and 8 GB of Kindle. Definitely, for home use I recommend the Amazon Kindle Fire, and as for all other uses, the iPad has a lot more to offer.
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Apple’s iPad 2 Vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire


The main difference between Amazon kindle fire and Apple iPad 2 is operating system. iPad 2 is using IOS on the other hand Amazon kindle fire is Android based. iPad 2 have dual core faster processor, face time camera, slim design and 9.7 inch big LED screen, Bluetooth, USB and wifi on the other hand Amazon have 7 Inch HD LCD screen with scratch resistant glass and loud sound, , Bluetooth, HDMI, Wifi and micro USB.
Cost wise Amazon Kindle is much cheep you can buy it under 200$. So if you want to use it at home only Amazon Kindle is best choice.

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Apple’s iPad 2 Vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire


Hi Qurat,

Let me give you some tips to select which one is best for you from a user point of view, as you have mentioned you want the tablet for your personal use only. This few important points will make it easier for you to decide you new gadget.

1. Cost price –  Apple iPad 2 is $ 499 while Amazon Kindle fire comes for  $199, making a marginal difference between them.

2. Operating System – Apple has its own iOS while Amazon Kindle fire comes with Android. At present Android is largely used by most of the gadget makers, making it easier to use and its application is widely available.

3.RAM – Apple iPad 2 has 512 MB while Amazon kindle fire comes with 1 GB. This is the part of your hardware where all the data goes before it gets to the processor. Thus,  the more RAM you have the more your computer can store and transfer to the processor.

4. Storage – Apple ipad 2 comes with 16, 32 or 64 GB while Amazon Kindle fire comes with only 8 GB storage capacity.

5. Display size – Apple iPad 2 9.7 inches while Amazon Kindle fire come with only 7 inches. A difference of two inches.

6. Battery life – Apple iPad 2 over 10 hours and Amazon kindle fire over 9 hours.

7. Camera – Apple iPad 2 has a rear and front face camera while Amazon Kindle fire has no Camera.

Thus, i would say if you already have a camera go for Amazon Kindle fire, which comes at a lower price and functions almost the same from the Apple iPad 2.

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Apple’s iPad 2 Vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire



Hi Qurat,


            iPad 2                                                                                               Kindle Fire

Front Camera also has Rear-facing camera                 Wi-Fi, No camera, No 3G, No microphone,

Bluetooth, 3G, microphone, Wi-Fi  and                         Battery timing 8 hours while having Wi-Fi Off,

Battery timing up to 10 hours while on Wi-Fi               OS: Android OS, Kindle Book Store,

Operating System: Apple's IOS,                                        Fast Web Browsing,                  

Internal Storage 16-64GB,                                                 Internal Storage 8GB,                                      

Price: $499-$829.                                                                 Price:$199.                                                                       

   Of the above two which one is better depends on the purpose for which anybody is going to use them. If you compare them for home users who use mostly for entertainment and reading purposes Kindle Fire is better also having much lower price and free access to amazon Application store  which comprises thousands of free and paid applications. On the other hand if we compare them for performing office and business tasks  iPad 2 wins the race having faster dual core processor, much more storage capacity, having 3G and Camera  and also having access to Apple's online store which has more than 100'000 apps including apps from and kindle.

Thank You,

Aamir Bashir.

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Apple’s iPad 2 Vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire




I got some detail solutions for your question which will make you to choose the one best. These are listed here in points.

Price: The kindle Fire, which connect wifi costs about $200 and The iPod costs about $500 to 900.

Screen size: The Kindle Fire screen size is smaller than that of ipad.

Software:    The Kindle runs with Google Inc's Android whereas iPad  Apple's own iOS software.

Storage:      The Kindle Fire includes about 8 GB internal storage memories and iPad include about 16 to 64 GB.

Camera:     The kindle Fire does not  include any Camera whereas iPad has Camera.

Apps:          Kindle Fire has less application than that of iPad.

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