Apple Graphical User Interface programming

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I am looking for a programming tutorial / guide GUI for Mac OSX. I made a small library and would like to make a simple GUI for it, because I want my code to port one day I want to do programming in C. I know Qt, but I wonder how apples there. As I understand it, there are two frames graphical programming on Mac OS X Cocoa and Carbon, I do not have a preference, but I just want to play with buttons and other widgets. if anyone knows of such a tutorial that would be great.

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Apple Graphical User Interface programming

First of all, You need to interact with an app interface. Designing of the interface, First I hope that you are set  your mind to clear that you are make efficient and clear.
You are ready to to design and implement your interface in a graphical environment.
When you are build, Any kind of an interface is in storyboard. You need to work with the view.
Views is the display content to the user. If you are going to developing the compile. You will have more complex  and you need more views.
When you design your an app. It is very important to know that what kind of view exactly you are going to use for example you want to take the input from the user.
You need to use for input as text field or its may be static and it can be use as label.
There are following categories of the unlit view. Where unlit view is an object of the UIview class or its can have some subclasses.
Purview provide the deffrent deffrent types of the views to help in organize the data.
Every view have their own specific function. There are following view function:
You can combine views using interface builder. Here interface builder having some library of the standard view, Controls and object that is require to develop a your interface.
After using of objects from the library and use them whatever you want.
Next you should use inspectors to configure an object to saving them is storyboard. You can see your interface results at the time.
Without writing of the code and build. You can run your app.

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