App Installation in Mac OS. Help me.

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My brother gave me a new Mac PC as a gift for my birthday. I want to install some applications into it but I'm not sure if this will work without admin rights. Also, how can I take a screenshot on my login screen in Mac and how to change the hostname also? Lastly, what is the safest way to install OS X Yosemite without getting any issues? I know I have lots of questions, but I hope seomeone can guide me on this. Thank you.


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App Installation in Mac OS. Help me.


Like in Microsoft Windows, in Mac OS X you should also have full administrative privileges so you will be able to install applications on your computer. It is also the administrator who sets or limits the permissions for every user on the computer. In Microsoft Windows, non-admin accounts or the limited accounts are still able to install programs but to certain programs only.

Limited accounts can’t install applications that require global modification of the system such as the Microsoft Office package that only administrator can install. Also remember that in Mac OS X, you are restricted from installing apps that are not from the Mac App Store or from authorized Apple developers. If you tried installing unsigned applications, you will be prompted with an error.

If you need to install unsigned apps or applications that are not from the Mac App Store or from an authorized developer, visit Cannot Be Opened. For the screenshot of the login window, most websites will tell you that it will require a second Mac to access the first Mac over the network and run a little command to grab the screenshot of the login screen of the first Mac.

While this is true, you can also do it without a second Mac. You just need to be quick. Here’s how. If you are currently login, log out your account to go to the login window. Enter your password and then quickly press Command + Shift + 3 to capture a screenshot of the current screen before it logs in. If you fail, just try it over and over again until you grab a screenshot. See image.

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