APM systems shutting down instead of hibernating

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If you were to find one of your APM systems shutting down instead of hibernating  considering you are the administrator of your network and the burden of planning and carrying out all in-house computers falls squarely on you and after some thinking you set all your systems to hibernate. Do you have any idea how you would troubleshoot this problem?

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APM systems shutting down instead of hibernating


Hi Miles Webb,

 The problem regarding the shutting down of our APM system rather than hybernating mainly because one of your applications do not match the system requirements for such kinds of program. What you must do is to remove or uninstalled that program. You can also remove it from your computer's system by just going into the Control Panel.  Look for the ADD or REMOVE the Program menu.   From the list of the following programs that are installed, Select the program you want to uninstall.  After the installation, search for the applications or program that is compatible with the operating System you are using to avoid such inappropriate shutting down occurrence. you.

Hope this might help you.


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