Best PC Cleaners for Windows XP

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I used pc cleaner once but I canceled it because I’m confused on what to delete. How will I know on what to delete. And how will I know stuffs in my computer that is not needed and can be deleted. And what is the best PC cleaner to use.

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Best PC Cleaners for Windows XP


As you know there are many pc cleaner out there and almost the same, but Frontline Registry Cleaner is the most user friendly pc/registry cleaner that you can use basically when you click the “start scan” It will automatically scan for junks such as temporary files, ActiveX errors and also clean your registry and others at the same time all at once.

If you are not sure what to delete when are cleaning your pc frontline registry clear is the one you need, it automatically detects and find unnecessary files on your pc all you have to do is run and wait until it’s done and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

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Best PC Cleaners for Windows XP


Hi Justin Sy,

I would like to guide you on how clean up your personal computer.

No matter how good you use your personal computer there are those things that will come up that need to be cleaned from the computer so as to be able to regain speed.

There are those thing that once should undertake to ensure that when you run the clean up it shall be effective.

They are

1) Run the antivirus which is updated.

2) Create some space on to do this you right click on my computer and do disk clean up

check all the boxes and click on clean my computer.

3) Un install all the programs that are no longer in use by going to start button ,setting, control panel, Add remove program

4) Go to my document and look for those documents that you created but you no longer use them. Remember to empty recycle bin too since these documents are still there in the hard drive

5)Download and install spyware .Recommended spyware malware byte.

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Best PC Cleaners for Windows XP


Hello Justin,

There are many PC Cleaners available online but you must choose the best ones. The following are the best PC Cleaners that I recommend you to use:

1. CCleaner

2. Eusing free registry cleaner

3. NCleaner Second

4. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

5. Wise Registry Cleaner

The PC Cleaners above are one of the best cleaners that I have read in an article. It enhances and improves the systems of your computer

I hope this helps.


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