Anything with ‘Photo Explosion’ wouldn’t load when bonus software opened

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Hi all,

My software appeared to install properly until I restarted my computer.  At that point, all of the bonus software opened when clicking on the icons, but anything with "Photo Explosion" in the title would not load.  Windows installer (for windows 7) comes up and says 'it's trying to configure the program and then says "must have administrative privileges to install Print Artist".  Two problems that I face are –  I am the administrator and the program is not Print Artist, but Photo Explosion.  The same error message comes up when I try to uninstall the program. I think, it might work if I start from scratch.

Please give your opinion.

Thanks in advance.

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Anything with ‘Photo Explosion’ wouldn’t load when bonus software opened



I had the same problem. A complete uninstall helped me solve my problem.

1. Firstly, uninstall Photo Explosion completely from your computer. Also remove all the bonus software that came with Photo Explosion.

2. Make sure everything related to Photo Explosion is removed from your computer. Delete any files that have not been removed during the uninstallation.

3. Restart your computer and reinstall Photo Explosion.

4. Now, do not click on any of the bonus software that you got with Photo Explosion.

If you are asked whether you want to install any softwares other than Photo Explosion click no.

These steps helped me solve my problem. Hope it works for you too.

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