Problem with my imread pictures

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Having already created the GUI and imread pictures, which are individually imread, all things were working but it doesn’t put in my images .

I have also created a loop that uses randperm .

Is there a way I can work with the images since they are individually imread?

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Problem with my imread pictures


If you had been created imread pictures by the help of Gui it will not work the reason the pixel of your image is high. After matching pixel in imread picture can able to upload a correct format images.

Since the imread was invented it was working amidst. Although you have been sought it you said that it did not load your image. Your loop was not work also.

I have been advice you before that you must decrease the pixel of your image.I hope your recent problem would relinquish definitely when you will be take the necessary initiatives.

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Problem with my imread pictures


Hello Bevise,

I think there is an additional thing that you have to do, and that is selecting the appropriate axis so that the image can be shown. The following is one possibility of what you may be required to do:

The variable 'ha' may have to be containing the list of axes, and another variable which is the file in this case should be having the list with the images that have to be shown.
For instance:

for l = 1: 6
axes( ha(l );
d= imread( strcat(file{i}, '.jpg') );

Hope this enlightens you a bit.


Clair Charles

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