Anybody help me to find mp3 album cover?

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I am currently working on my music assignment and have to embed some album covers to MP3 file.

Does anybody know the sites to find MP3 album cover for this purpose?

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Anybody help me to find mp3 album cover?


Hello Sharlene,

The best site you can go to get the album covers for your MP3 files is The album art will allow you to embed into MP3 files fairly and as well easily with the use of ID3 tags.

But there are some important things you will need to consider before filling up your MP3 files with lots of art work.

File Sizes – Note that any additional information added to an MP3 file increases its file size, and that is very when adding images due to their potential size, even when they are compressed images such as JPEGs.

Image Types – The ID3v2 standard allows any type of image to be embedded in an MP3 file, but it advisable that you use either PNG or JPEG formats in the events where interoperability with playback devices is required.




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Anybody help me to find mp3 album cover?


Before telling you the websites I would like to let you know about Album Art App,

Get this app from the link shown below,

Download and install this app, This great application covers the big ground, asking you about both big-name (Amazon, Google Image search) and smaller, other sites to grab album covers.

Some of the sites which are useful for you are

Hope it helps!!

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