I need lots of animation gifs

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Hello everyone,

 I am designing a web page with lots of animation gifs . I have some JPEG images and I want them to be converted to GIF format. Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much.


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I need lots of animation gifs



Hi there,

If you are making a website and you need a lot of gif pictures, you can look and download it in this site it’s called photobucket.com, just follow the link http://photobucket.com/images/gif/and for your question on how to convert a jpeg images to gif files just visit this site it’s an online jpeg to gif converter,  just follow this link. http://images.my-addr.com/converter_jpg_to_gif_online_freeware_tool.php

Hope it helps.

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I need lots of animation gifs



Hi Margarete S Bryson,
Image converting could be done very easily from any of your image editor that you have installed in your PC (Adobe Photoshop would work great).
All you have to do is to open the image with that specific program, do small editing in the image and then go to "File – Save As" and a new window will be opened.
Choose the path where you want to save, select a name for the image (you can keep the existing name as well, it will not replace the existing one, since the format is different) and at last under the "Save as type" scroll down to .GIF
Click save, and well done. Now you have a .GIF image.
In case you do not want to spend a lot of time by manual conversion, you might use "online free image format converters" or you can download such application, one of the most used is "Pixillion Image Converter Software".

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