Any available RivaTuner script for download?

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Hi and good day TechyV Community!

My computer was a bit slow because of temporary files and some error or corrupted files. But I am having a hard time to do it. Finding or hunting temporary files, system errors on my Computer that is wasting so much time. So I ask my friend if there is a tool, a powerful tool that help me tweak my computer. He recommends me the RivaTuner Tweaking environment. But sadly I forgot to ask him how can I download it and what are the benefits of this environment. So experts, what are the uses of this environment? If available, where can I download RivaTuner and the RivaTuner Script? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Nicholls Dougg 

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Any available RivaTuner script for download?


Hi there Nicholls Dougg,

RivaTuner is a great, complete and really powerful tweaking utility designed to tune up NVIDIA GPU based display adapters. It will not help you with damaged and corrupted files, but if you are using an NVIDIA graphic card will tune up your computer  performance for sure.

It is a freeware utility and can be downloaded at guru3d

For dealing with corrupted files and weak hard disk performance I would strongly recommend you to defragment your drives. Using the disk cleanup option that is built into your OS to clean the temporary files would be great too.

Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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