Antivirus For my cell phone Nokia 6303i

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I am using cell phone NOKIA 6303i. I want to install any Antivirus for my cell phone.

I regularly attach my phone with my computer to  send or receive any file Via Bluetooth.

But now i don't know what has happened to my phone's Memory card.It is not working properly.

I found some unknown files in my mobile with a question mark.

Also once my card had been formatted automatically.

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Antivirus For my cell phone Nokia 6303i


Hello! Trueman,

Data transfer from mobile to computer or computer to mobile without Antivirus is swear risky. Thus your memory card will not be working properly. Unknown files named as a question mark clearly indicates that these are viruses that infect on your mobile phone.

So, you will need to download any good Antivirus software for your mobile to secure data transfer. You can try Norton or Kaspersky Antivirus software for this purpose and can download from this link.

This will protect your mobile phone from viruses and threads.

Take Care
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Antivirus For my cell phone Nokia 6303i


There are a number of Antiviruses for Nokia 6303i that are available for download.

For Nokia 6303i you can try Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, Avast Antivirus and a lot more.

Try to search for any of this Antivirus software and download it on your phone.

You can then start scanning the files in you memory card with the downloaded Antivirus and delete all detected viruses.

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Antivirus For my cell phone Nokia 6303i



For transferring data from computer to mobile and vise versa without an Antivirus is really risky when the memory sends the data which can cause viruses and it can infect your mobile phone.
So you will need to download an Antivirus that fits your mobile to be able to transfer a file securely. You can try this link
Download Antivirus: Naevius USB Antivirus.
 It helps you to verify Trojans, worms that spreads into your mobile.

Hope these solutions makes you satisfied


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Antivirus For my cell phone Nokia 6303i


Helllo dear, Trueman

Transferring data from computer to mobile phone or vice versa can be done by using Bluetooth or data cable,but this type of transferring  of data can be harmful for the mobile phone if there have no secured antivirus  setting up to the mobile phone.

The unknown files with a question mark  that you find in your mobile were the viruses that comes from the computer,this viruses causes your memory card to format once,also this virus can totally damage the memory card and slowing the functioning of the mobile phone.

To overcome this problem the antivirus that are suited for Nokia 6303i are need to install to the mobile phone and then scan the whole system once,this scanning will detect the viruses in the mobile phone and delete them,After scanning and deleting the viruses the memory card and the mobile phone will work properly.

You can use MAXsecure Anti-Virus, MobiShield Anti-Virus, Corbicula anti virus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, FriendlyFiend Anti-Virus, eScan Anti-Virus

Hope this answer will satisfy you and also help you to solve the problem of your mobile phone and memory card.


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