How To Solve Microsoftnokialumia 630 Network Issue After Denim Update.

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So basically I bought a Lumia 630 dual sim a month ago, and everything was working just perfect until I updated to denim. Now here is the issue, I can’t make or receive phone calls despite the phone showing good network. And also there is no option for mobile data, and I can’t select or open the mobile sim options. Now besides this whenever I turn on flight mode my  phonehangs. Now as a temporary solution I turn of sim 2 and restart my phone so that works.

But isn’t there a permanent solution. So can anyone help me fix the microsoftnokialumia 630 network issue after denim update?(I am attaching a screen shot of the issue below)

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How To Solve Microsoftnokialumia 630 Network Issue After Denim Update.


So Now this is an issue which started after the denim update and we have lots of reports coming in over the same issue from many users and you can a long thread over the same issue in Nokia discussions.

Now the engineers are aware of the issue, and an update or so may have fixed the issue.

Now one of the best solutions is to make sure that your phone is fully updated so keep checking for updates for both the system and for the apps in the app store.

Also, try replacing the sim cards especially if they have been manually cut as they may be an old model.

And if neither of the above solutions works you can always go for a recovery. Your phone will go back to cyan and where everything works just normal. Hope this helps you.

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