Another creative device that can be used in our kitchenette

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I would like to ask about iGrill2. What are the best features of this device? What are the specifications? How does it work? What are the peripherals included in its package? What are the materials used in this device? Is it just like a thermometer that I can use or I can extend its functionality and purpose to other workloads? Can you provide other means of using it in our daily work? How much is it in the market now? Does it include installation cd or do I need to download the application from their site?

Please provide me help. Thank you!

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Another creative device that can be used in our kitchenette


Hello Young!

iGrill 2 is a grill-thermometer device. It has a 150-feet Bluetooth range for communicating to your smartphone. It comes with 4-Pro meat probes that you can inject with your barbecue and maintain the cooking temperature at its best. This can be connected thru Android phones and iPhones. The iGrill is being sold at for about $75 a piece. You can tap the phone using app to set alarm if you wanted to set the temperature to a minimum or specified degree. If the heat will rise more than the initiated level, the smartphone will alarm and notify you that food is overheated.

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