Android mobile is not starting

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Help me, please,

My Huawei p6 android mobile phone is not starting. When I click the power button it displays a logo, written "ascend" on it. And then the display gets hanged showing the word "ANDROID".

When I try to give Factory reset it shows "Invalid agreement". The firmware of the mobile is also have been downloaded. Can anyone please give a solution to remove this problem?

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Android mobile is not starting


It is not clear if you tried installing the phone’s new software by flashing the handset that resulted to this problem or the problem just happened. My sister is also using a Huawei Smartphone. Though this actual problem didn’t happen to her phone, a slightly similar thing happened. After inserting my SIM to her phone, it has a hard time starting.

There are times it would start normally and sometimes it will just show the Huawei logo and then turn off again. There were also times where the phone suddenly restarts. Luckily, the method I told her solved the problem. First, turn off your phone then open the back cover, and then remove the battery and also the SIM card.

After maybe 5 minutes, install the battery and the back cover but not the SIM card. Start the phone then make sure the phone starts normally. If the phone works, you may now insert the SIM card and use the phone. If this didn’t fix the problem, try doing the hard reset.

Since you already did the factory reset, try following this anyway. Maybe you did it incorrectly. Before you hard reset your phone, make sure to backup your phone’s data so you can restore them back. To begin, turn off your phone. Enter into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons.

When choices appear on your screen, navigate between the options using the volume keys and select “wipe data/factory reset” and then press the Power button to confirm the selection. If you wish to download the original firmware, visit Huawei Ascend P6 [P6-U06 General Version]. Also visit Ascend P6 B512 Official Firmware Released for more information on updating the firmware.

To install the firmware when your phone is not booting, follow the instructions in Ascend P6 B512 Official Firmware Released link above and place the firmware in the SD card. Turn off the handset then insert the SD card into your phone and then press and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons. Install the firmware. After that, go to Recovery Mode and then select “wipe cache”. It should fix the problem.

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Android mobile is not starting



How are you? To solve this issue you have to perform a soft reset or reboot or restart your Android mobile to delete some temporary files and cache. If the problem still persist, then you have to do a hard reset or master format. If you cannot access the menu or LCD touch screen is non responsive you can force restart your Android mobile by pressing the Power Button for about 10 seconds until the phone restart by itself. If the LCD touch screen still responds to your touch, then try to press power button several seconds until a menu appear. Choose to restart/reboot, then you Android will do the soft reset or restart. Hard reset with Software menu :

1. Make sure the battery is charged properly.

2. Turn on your smart phone.

3. Backup all important data.

4. Go to Menu>Setting>Press All Tab.

5. Go to Backup & reset>Factory Data Reset>Reset Phone.

6. Choose “Erase Everything” to format your Android.

Hard Reset with Hardware Key Button :

a) Make sure that the battery is empty.

b) Turn on your Android.

c) Press and hold together Power Button and Volume UP Button for several seconds.

d) Follow the menu on the LCD screen to continue the hard reset. That is exactly it.

Moreen Jamnelly.

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