Standard Length for USB Hub Extension

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What is the standard length for a USB hub  extension?

Some say that unless I use a USB hub extension that is well within the standard length it is it not recommendable to use such extended USB hub particularly if the purpose is to transfer data like from a hard drive to a flash drive due to the risk of data loss or data corruption during the process.

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Standard Length for USB Hub Extension


Hello Nevincashunter,

Based on the USB guidelines, for you not to lose any data during transfer, the maximum length of USB extension (this is without a built-in repeater chip) is 16 feet. Using 16 foot cables will provide you the safest way of transferring data.

You would be able to connect 4 of these at the same time without risking any data loss or any breakage to a device.

Otherwise, if you are planning to use a USB extension that is longer than 16 feet then you have to make sure that it has an active repeater to increase the signal.

If you are going to transfer important data using a USB Hub Extension, I advise you to use a USB extension that is within 16 feet length to avoid any corruption of data.
Just to be on a safe side. But if you really need a longer USB Extension then buy the right USB Hub Extension with an active repeater to boost the signal.
There are many USB Hub Extensions available online. I am sure you will be able to find one for yourself.
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Standard Length for USB Hub Extension

  • The standard length of cable when using USB hub should not exceed 5-6 meters. This ensure the Internet speed and the networking is not crawling or slow. It is because of the longer cable used the longer the data will transmit. Shorter cords, shares data in no time.
  • When sharing file, either USB flash drive and or thru USB hub is still safe. Corrupted files is often caused by virus infections which I doubt, the computer is virus-free, right?
  • If cable reaches 5 meters, it will function as expected but you better use shorter cords to execute faster with less interruptions.

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