Aid in Metalogical programming’s implementation logic

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How can Metalogic programming be able to allow object-level and Metalevel representations to be combined,

As in natural language in order to be used to implement any logic that is specified by means of inference rules?

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Aid in Metalogical programming’s implementation logic


Actually it is a very difficult task to achieve because the two concepts that you are talking about are very complicated. The object level programming is used to achieve logical statements and conclusions.

However, due to the fact that the mathematical logic that we use has one very traditional logic which is used to differentiate between the two facts that you are trying to differentiate, the metalogic and the object level.

The simplest level in metalogic programming is called the vanilla

   solve(if true)
   solve(A,B):- solve this(B),solve this(A)
   solve(A):- clause 1(B,A),solve(A)

The last one means that the object level conjunction returns you the empty set.

Metalogic just allow use to use the object level and meta level together for the presentation purpose.

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