After Effects Warning Expression Disabled

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Howdy there, TechyV!

My video project was interrupted by this error message. I have an idea that it might be one of the presets I downloaded.

How can you fix this error?

What should be changed if there's any?

Thanks people for all the help.


After Effects warning: Class ‘global’ has

no property or method named ‘amplitude’

Expression disabled.

Error occurred at line 2.

Comp: ‘jack’

Layer: 2 (‘spring’)

Property: ‘Orientation’


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After Effects Warning Expression Disabled


Hi Agnesi,

It looks like the effects that you downloaded and incorporated in your video player application brought some compatibility problems, and therefore caused the problem that you just received.

The way to fix this is to restore your computer system to a state before you made the updates or did installed whatever is causing the problem that you are having with your video player. You can do this by executing the system restore which you get by going to start on your computer and then type 'system restore in the empty search field, then press enter. Thereafter choose the point before you updated the system and then click on restore.

If you know the programs that you installed, you can also just trace them in the control panel and uninstall them.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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After Effects Warning Expression Disabled


I feel there is a problem with the audio settings. However, there is a solution. You can uninstall the software and then set the computer to the restore point when this problem was not there. Again you then need to re install the software and find out that the problem vanished or is still there. If problem still persist then you should consult a hardware expert soon.

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