Advice on restoring deleted kernel in windows?

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Hi Experts,

I am having windows XP on my desktop. I have accidently deleted my windows kernel. Can anyone help me on restoring deleted kernel in windows?I tried to do this by accessing windows disk management. Thanks.



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Advice on restoring deleted kernel in windows?



I also deleted some application software, and I suggest you to restore your system using System Restore. It can fix troubles that make your computer run slowly or discontinue responding. It does not affect any of your files, images, or other private data. Only just installed program software and drivers might be uninstalled.

  • On the Start Menu, click All Programs
  • Select Accessories
  • Then System Tools
  • Select System Restore, System Restore window will appear
  • Click Next button
  • Select a restore point to the situation it was earlier than the selected event
  • Click Next button
  • Choose drives you would like to restore
  • Click Next button
  • Then click Finish
  • System Restore start, automatically shut down and restart your system

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Advice on restoring deleted kernel in windows?


Try to solve this by returning back kernel.dll to your system files

Please make sure you never download any kernel.dll file online from any website you can find, why it’s better not to download the file online? It’s because:

  1. The DLL file uploaded might be infected with a virus or malware
  2. If the file hosted by DLL file, it might content dangerous or malicious code that can destroy your file system and in the end you might need to re-format your computer.

So I suggest to get the kernel.dll file from a trusted source as your installation CD/DVD

After you get the DLL file, boot your windows and enter safe mode

This option is the easiest of all and available only if you by some mistake deleted the dll files, try to look in the recycle bin first and if you find the file you can restore the kernel.dll file.

But if you cannot find the file in the recycle bin, because you permanently delete it or already empty the recycle bin, then you might want to get a file recovery program, please check the link below to get instruction for this.

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Advice on restoring deleted kernel in windows?


I think you are referring to the “ntoskrnl.exe” file located in “C:\WINDOWS\system32”. The filename or “ntoskrnl” is the short term for “Windows NT operating system kernel” or also known as the kernel image. It provides the kernel and executive layers of the Windows NT kernel space.

It is also in charge of different system services like the hardware virtualization, process, and memory management actually making it the important part of the system. Deleting this file will prevent you from booting your computer. But in case you accidentally delete it, you can still recover it from your Windows setup CD. Since you have Windows XP, here’s how you recover the file.

Insert your Windows XP setup CD on your optical drive then boot your computer from the CD. Press any key when you see “Press any key to boot from CD” then press “R” to go to the “Recovery Console”. In the console, select the installation to log on to (usually number 1) then hit Enter. Enter your password to log in to your administrator account then press Enter.

In the command prompt, type without quotes “expand d:\i386\ntoskrnl.ex_ c:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe” then press Enter where “d:” is the drive letter of your optical drive and “c:” is the drive letter of your system drive or where Microsoft Windows is installed. Press “Y” when you are prompted to overwrite the file. When you are finished, type without quotes “exit” then press Enter.

Restart your computer then see if it works. For more information, go to Windows Could Not Start.

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