How to recover files moved by using Autounpack

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I used Autounpack for the first time. I clicked on "start" button and some of my files have disappeared. Can not find them. I am told that the files have been moved but no other indication.

We can recover files moved? How?

Thank you for your advice! I have an Acer Aspire M5910-407 Intel with win XP.

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How to recover files moved by using Autounpack


Hi Bryan,

Is it just the message “Moved” or “Moved or Deleted”? This message will appear only if the files are missing it can be moved or deleted. Sometimes when we are exploring our folders and files, we accidentally moved our files. If this happened right after you accidentally moved your file, you can just simply undo the moved by pressing CTR+Z key combination.

If it is truly moving and you have already done a lot of action before you discovered that your files are movable, the undo action will never be effective anymore. What you can do is right click on the icon and select properties to find the location of that application and the exact application that runs corresponding to that shortcut icon.

Then, search for the file using the built-in search function of the Windows Explorer. And if you found the moved file move it again on the location you found on the shortcut icon.

Here are the sample shortcut icon properties:

Icon Properties

You will see the full path of the application in the Target text box as well as the executing application for that particular shortcut. Here’s how to open the Short Cut Icon properties.

  1. Right click on the Icon you want to view its properties the select properties on the pop-up menu.
  2. Application Shortcut Properties dialog box appears and on the Shortcut tab you will see the information about that shortcut including application file and the path where the application is located.

If your file is confirmed missing, you can recover that using the file recovery tools. You may find that tool on the Internet look for the free software to minimize expenses.


Gill Bros

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How to recover files moved by using Autounpack



Above comment shows you how to find a missing file. How can you get this if these missing files are deleted? Then you have to recover these files. To recover these files you should have to use advanced software for this. This software can restore deleted data from your hard drive even your hard drive is formatted.  I will give you a few software which can restore deleted data.

1. Recuva

This software can deep scan and recover secure deleted files. You can download this software by clicking the below link.

2. Panda Recovery

This software is freeware. This application helps you to recover lost data from your hard drive.

Please click below link to download this software.

3. Undelete Plus

This tool support all windows file systems and this is a portable application.

Please click below link to download application.

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