Adobe Photoshop CS4 Error: Not Enough RAM

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I am a designer and I have been using Adobe Photoshop CS4 for a few months now. It’s been working quite fine ever since I started using it until last night as I was working on an illustration an error message keeps on popping out.

“Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM).”

I had no idea what was going on so I just checked the RAM of my computer to find out that it has not been used up and my Adobe Photoshop’s memory preference has been set to 60%. I tried optimizing my computer, deleting all the plug-ins that might be causing the problem but I still have the same issue. I can’t go on like this because my job is at stake.

I am using a brand new Toshiba A200 laptop computer with 4GB of RAM, running with Windows Vista 32 bit Operating System and a Dual Core Processor.

I hope somebody can help me.

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Error: Not Enough RAM


Try to following things:
Set the preference between 60-75. 60 is the minimum limit so you have to lift it up a bit.
See if any program like Mozilla or any other is consuming a lot of RAM space. Mostly what happens is that the program seems to be using few Mega RAM but in the background it is using a lot of RAM for swapping its tasks.
Try to check your hard disk for any possible bad sectors.
Memtest your RAM to figure out if there is any problem with the RAM. Download the Memtest, put it on a USB,plug into your computer and it will start automatically. You just have to set the USB boot first.
Also see if you have any older files that are still in the memory when you closed the Adobe Photoshop before using it again. There are some legacy files that remain in the memory.

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Error: Not Enough RAM


If you receive an error in Adobe Photoshop saying there is not enough memory, this can happen if the program is using very little memory or the selected memory usage is no longer enough for the project you are working on. In this case, just try increasing the amount of memory used by Photoshop. To fix the problem, save your work then restart the computer.

After booting, start Adobe Photoshop then go to “Edit”, “Preferences” then select “Memory & Image Cache”. Under “Memory Usage”, increase the amount of memory used by the program then click “OK”. Load your work then see if it works. Gradually increase the amount of memory used by Photoshop until the problem is fixed.

Adobe Photoshop increase memory usage
Adobe Photoshop increase memory usage

Additionally, you can increase the cache levels used by the program. The default cache levels used by Photoshop is 4. Specify the cache levels manually for finer control. If you use relatively small files like 1 megapixel or 1280 x 1024 pixels with many layers like 50 or more, you can set “Cache Levels” to 1 or 2.

Setting Cache Levels to 1 will disable image caching and only the current screen image is cached. On the other hand, if you use files with bigger pixel dimensions like 50 megapixels or bigger, set Cache Levels higher than 4 because higher cache levels speed up redrawing.

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