Adobe Photoshop CC font errors from last operation

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Hi experts,

I just installed some new fonts for Photoshop and it worked just fine for a week. Today I had this error and my project are messed. How can I disable the new fonts ? Is there a way to fix this error and save all my projects ?

Thank you !

Selected font failed during last operation. If problem persists, please disable the font.


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Adobe Photoshop CC font errors from last operation


Installing new fonts on the computer is actually good because it gives you freedom to select different font styles when working on a document or maybe adding a text in front of an image using a graphics editor. But sometimes doing this creates a problem on some installed applications just like what happened to you. In your case, if you didn’t change any setting in Adobe Photoshop CC after installing the new fonts, first, try resetting the operating system to its default fonts.

This is the easiest and fastest way of fixing issues with fonts because you don’t normally remember which fonts are installed recently and which are the fonts that came with Windows. To restore or reset the default fonts for either Windows 7 or Windows 8, click Start, Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Fonts, and then select Font settings. Click “Restore default font settings”.

After this, start Adobe Photoshop and see if it works. In case a similar issue occurs even after resetting the fonts, try resetting the Preferences of Adobe Photoshop. Press and hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT while starting Adobe Photoshop. When you are prompted to delete the settings file, select Yes to continue. Verify that the application works and you can use it.

Just configure the settings again because resetting Adobe Photoshop’s Preferences will revert the application back to factory default which means it will discard all the configurations you applied.

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