Adobe Encore Blu-Ray Fatal Error 6

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I am rendering my file and while doing my project with Adobe Encore and write a Blu-Ray disc, I received an error after few minutes of the writing process. I already wasted 3 Blu-Ray disc already and I don't want to waste another disc. Please help me resolve my problem. Look below for the error message.

Blu-ray Error: "fatal error", Code: "6", Note: "Video buffer underflows. Total bitrate is too high near time = 9.426078 seconds –


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Adobe Encore Blu-Ray Fatal Error 6


Check first if you already have Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 because sometimes, for some other reason, this program helps when that error is always appearing every time you burn a Blu-ray disc. Download and install Microsoft Core XML Services [MSXML] 6.0. It supports Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows Server 2003 with or without Service Pack 1, and Windows XP Service Pack 1 and higher.

And also, before installing Microsoft Core XML Services, you need to have Windows Installer 3.1 and higher on your computer. Make sure to install this first to avoid receiving any error because this is a required component. To download, visit Windows Installer 3.1 version 2 Redistributable. This one supports Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 and later, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP with the latest Service Pack.

In case you still have the error even after installing these programs, try shifting to a Blu-ray burner program that includes support for “buffer underrun protection”. One example of a burner that supports the “buffer underrun protection” feature when burning Blu-ray is the CyberLink Power2Go.

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