Data was erased after deep freeze

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I work as a Clerk in a community office.

My task is to encode, print, evaluates the inventory of the office using excel. I logged out shut down the computer and on the next day i use the computer to check my works. But when log in, i noticed that all the files I've saved was not there? I checked the My Document folder, the whole folders in My Computer but still it's not there. I did not do anything with it that leads to erased. My co-worker told me ones that Deep Freeze will erase the file that has been saved in the computer.

What is Deep Freeze anyway? What does it do to the files? Is it a software that kills the virus? I don't know all about this one maybe you can help me explain and do something about my files.

Post your concern thanks.

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Data was erased after deep freeze


Hi Mc,

I have experienced the same way Mc, before I am very exhausted to finished my report to my boss, then I am not aware of this software installed in the computer. My report was gone when the computer suddenly turn off causing brownout. I'm totally dead on that moment. Anyway, I just don't want to make that happen. So do you.

Deep Freeze prevents against unwanted workstation changes and makes the computer configurations back to its original settings. I mean, during the time you turn on the computer the deep freeze is running. You have no restrictions to use your computer unless the computer was turn on. The user can install /uninstall application, save files, delete files, and update software but this information is not referenced once the computer restarted or being turn-off.

Those files were no longer be seen in the memory (ROM) because the system was restoring to its original state. Mc, this is not a software to kill virus, however it also helps to prevent your computer from unwanted programs such as malware, virus, or any application software updates. This application software is applicable in gaming computers by which many games encountered many critical a patch updates. I think business companies prefer to use firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware instead of deep freeze for security purposes.

I'm just wondering that your administrator didn't inform or give awareness to all the user of computer regarding the Deep Freeze software being installed. Anyway,

I want to suggest this following:

  1. If you are using your company computer and you have to save files on it, you must have to contact your administrator to modify the deep freeze by enabling/disabling it for the meantime.
  2. If really needed to use the computer without disabling the deep freeze, you must have to save your files to other storage devices such as flash drive and floppy so that you have a back-up files.
  3. Check your computer if there is a deep freeze installed. To know if there is:
  4. Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F6 the program will appear in the window.
  5. Turn on / off deep freeze.
  6. If you turn off deep freeze, make sure you turn on your firewall and the anti-virus so that it will maintain a security and protection to your computer.

Me, I'm not favor to use Deep Freeze for instance. Since deep freeze can also harm to your computer disk sectors.

I hope that you didn't get any trouble in handling your job since you have bad experience in this software.

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Data was erased after deep freeze


Deep Freeze is application which is made to protect system and files. It restores your computer every time you restart the system. So if you have saved files on the desk top or any where it will erase them when you restart the computer. So save them in your network drive (Z:).

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Data was erased after deep freeze


No, Deep Freeze is not an antivirus and it doesn’t kill a virus. It is an application developed by Faronics for Microsoft Windows and OS X which allows system administrators to protect the core operating system and configuration files on a server or workstation. It protects the system by restoring the computer back to the saved configuration or the state before Deep Freeze was enabled.

While Deep Freeze is running and enabled on the system, it will keep restoring the system back to the saved configuration state over and over every time the computer starts or restarted. So, if Deep Freeze is running and enabled on your computer and you save your files, all your saved files will be gone the next time you start the computer.

To fix this and allow you to save your files to the hard drive, you need to disable Deep Freeze or save your files on a USB flash drive. Deep Freeze is a kernel-level driver that protects the integrity of the hard drive by redirecting the information being written to the hard drive or partition which then leaves the original data on the hard drive intact or unchanged.

All the information that was redirected is no longer referenced once the computer is restarted therefore restoring the system to its original state at the disk sector level.

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