Adobe Cs4 Flash animation template

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I am using Adobe Flash CS4 software but when I Publish animated GIFs from flash My Movie Clips do not Play.


Also at one time it says Scripting error.

What is this?

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Adobe Cs4 Flash animation template


Hi Dustin,

Flash animations can be fun and entertaining and publishing animated GIF's from Flash shouldn't be that hard either. As long as you have the Flash Reader software (even the free one). Before you do that however, make sure that everything has been set correctly or as you desired, such as the right size for your animated GIF, the playback options, transparency and the correct palette settings, etc.

In the GIF tab, the "Match Movie" should also be checked if you want your Flash movie and the image to be published to be of the same size. In the "Playback" options, select "Animated." Those are just some things you might want to check first before you can publish or play your Movie Clips using your Adobe Flash software.

Now, you can start publishing and playing your movie clips that have animated GIF's from Flash. The way to do it is:

1. Launch Adobe Flash.

2. If you already have an existing Flash file, Open the link. Double-click on your file.

3. You can also go to the "Flash Document" link which can be found in the middle of the "Create New" column.

4. To add the animated GIF, scroll the timeline indicator to the keyframe. The timeline should now be on Keyframe 1.

5. Choose "Insert Blank Keyframe" after you right-click on the keyframe. The keyframe should now have a hollow circle before it.

6. Or, if you are adding the animated GIF into keyframe 1, go to: File – Import – Import to Stage.

7. Browse to your animated GIF then double click it.

8. Drag it into position on the stage.

9. Click File – Export – Export Movie from the fly-out menu.

10. Select where you want to publish the Flash file on your computer.

11. Save the file and type a name in the File name box.

Your movie clips or published SWF (your converted FLA Flash file) with the animated GIF's will now appear in your chosen location and you can now play it.

Hope this helps.


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Adobe Cs4 Flash animation template


Hello Dustin G Whelan,

If you want to resolve the script error then you need to reinstall the software.

You need to update your software so that your software can access those details that are useful for playing the movie clip that you want to play. Basically this type of error came when you have your software in a not up to date form. So all you need is to update the software or to buy the full version.

You can get the latest software from the link and you can also update your previous version from there.

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