Adobe After Effects error : DICT array size

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Good morning,

I would like to try Adobe After Effects so I downloaded a trial version in the web.

After the download has been completed, I installed it already. All is doing fine and smooth during the installation.

But when I try to open now the application, it gets me this error that I could not find what went wrong.

Can anyone help me with this?


After Effects error: invalid DICT array size

( 83 :: 2 )

Thank you very much for the help.

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Adobe After Effects error : DICT array size



It is better that you mentioned the operating system that you using and the after effect version that you installed.

First thin is what happened when you click the OK button.

Definitely this is not a problem of he application that you downloaded.

I my knowledge the problem is some kind of problem with your device drivers. As you know when the after effect is opening it get the support of the lot of supporting applications.

Are there any additional devices that you connected to the computer can occurs this issue? So try to disconnect that kind of device and then try again

Follow this link

Thank you …

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Adobe After Effects error : DICT array size


Hello Arianne,

I have searched on this and very fortunate I got this problem solved. This is an array problem of fonts. Please check on this link:

As it is a font problem and if you run font doctor then that will show you no problem. But before that I would suggest you to uninstall all the adobe products and reinstall all of them and run font doctor before opening adobe effect. There are also two other links I want to suggest you so that you can find out the problem about the fonts.

In this above link please read the 6th & 7th topic and you will get something very interesting in here to solve this problem.

Please read the 6th & 10th topic in this below link.

I hope this will solve your problem. Let us know if there is any other problem occurs I think we can find out the proper solution of this entire problem.


Thank you,

Riley weaver.

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Adobe After Effects error : DICT array size


This problem is probably coming from the fonts system.

1. Try using Font Doctor in order to detect damaged font files.This software will try to locate and repair these corrupted or damaged font files.

2.  Also you should spend some time browsing through the fonts in order to remove any fonts that take the place of existing font associations (like Verdana, Tahoma and other system font files)


Osborne Percival

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