Adobe Acrobat – There was an error processing a page.

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My Adobe Acrobat is unable to open documents and generates following error message.

First I thought it is due to an error of a specific document. But it is happening for most of the documents.

I download many PDF everyday from Internet.

So, I am facing quite serious problem, since almost nothing is opening right now.

Can you guys help me?

Adobe Acrobat

There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading this document (110).



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Adobe Acrobat – There was an error processing a page.


Hi Catherine,

If you're opening the PDF files directly from your browser. I think your Adobe Acrobat Reader is outdated. Because Older versions of Acrobat Reader than 3 are not able to deal with these new facilities, which in most cases will result in an error message. You can check out the version of your Acrobat Reader by selecting “ Help • About Acrobat Reader”.

If the version is anything lower than 3.0 (e.g. 1.x or 2.x), I suggest that you get the latest version of Acrobat Reader by downloading it from Adobe’s website.

I hope this helps!


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Adobe Acrobat – There was an error processing a page.


Resubmit your source file to the Create Adobe PDF Online service and choose the Acrobat compatibility that matches the version Adobe Reader you use in the Conversion Setting. If the Compatibility option for Create PDF Online is set to a later version, the Adobe Reader may be unable to read PDF files and returns an error when you open it.

You can create PDF files that an earlier version can recognize by choosing the Compatibility option that matches that version. However, the resulting PDF file will not retain the new, version-specific features. Good Luck to you! I hope it helps.

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Adobe Acrobat – There was an error processing a page.


I think there is really no problem with your Adobe Reader as well as with the PDF files you have downloaded. You are not the only one who is experiencing the same problem with opening a PDF file. There are so many users on the web that were complaining the same error. One of the possible causes is the version of Adobe that created the PDF file. It is possible that the version of Adobe that created the file is much newer compared to the one you are using.

And when this happens, the possibility of not able to open it is high. So in this situation upgrading your version of Adobe Reader to the latest is the possible solution. Another possible cause is the security settings implemented on the file which will also prevent it from being opened by older versions of Adobe Reader.

So in this case, upgrading your program is still the key. The best way to check if the problem is really with your Adobe Reader is to open any older PDF files that you were able to successfully open before. This will prove if the problem is really coming from your Adobe Reader.

To download the latest version of Adobe Reader. Or if you don’t want to install Adobe Reader, there is still a different way of fixing it by using a different program that can also open PDF files like Foxit Reader. This is one great alternative to Adobe Reader and some of the users having the same error fixed their problem using Foxit Reader. To download Foxit Reader, visit Foxit – Foxit Reader.

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