Which is the Expensive gadgets in market.?

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Hi all users,

I am fond of latest gadgets and new technologies. I have used almost all Apple gadgets which are most demanded and costlier in market. Now I am searching for more expensive gadgets in market, so that I can sold out my previous music and mobile gadgets and buy a new one. Can anyone help me in searching for expensive gadgets.

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Which is the Expensive gadgets in market.?


Hello My Dear Friend,

I also like expensive gadgets, and I also have many expensive gadgets. My hobby is collecting expensive gadgets like watches, iPods, Motorcycles and many more.

Nowadays, the world's most expensive gadget is the golden iPod. It is made of 12.5 carat diamond and its gold plated material is made from two kilograms of gold .The most expensive thing about it is that its main frame is made up of the ancient rock Ammolite.

Its price is $189,125 approximately.

The world's second most expensive gadget is the “Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset”. It is made up of 18 carat gold with 246 diamonds around the headset. Its price is $6,547.

For more information about expensive gadgets visit this website.

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