Add hardware wizard don’t work perfectly

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Hi There,

I have a problem in my operating system. When I want to install any newly software then add hardware window will come, so I take necessary steps to fix it. But it comes many times after 5-6 seconds.

And I cannot install any software for this reason. Because ‘windows add hardware wizard’ come again and again. It is so boring. I cannot stop it in that time.

Install software to support the hardware you add to your computer.

Add Hardware Wizard

Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard

This wizard helps you:

* Install software to support the hardware you add to your computer.

* Troubleshoot problems you may be having with your hardware.

If your hardware came with an installation CD, it is recommended that you click Cancel to close this wizard and use the manufacturer's CD to install this hardware. 

To continue, click Next.

But if I stop software installation process so that the wizard don’t work.

How can I fix this option?

Please help me. 

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Add hardware wizard don’t work perfectly



First is you have to check or remove spyware or viruses or just about anything, these sort of thing can also do harm in your computer you can download it in the internet for a freeware scanner.

You can do a system restore, it will back to date you systems. It can also help you solve your problem.

You can also try these steps:

Click the my computer icon then properties the hardware then device manager click view, then show and select the hidden devices, just click the plus signs, if you can see an exclamation point, select property and you can just update the driver.

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Add hardware wizard don’t work perfectly


There might be a component of Windows that encountered a problem or maybe crashed and stuck permanently. There could be a lot of reasons why components crashed and results in odd behavior in the end. Maybe due to an untimely shutdown where you unplugged immediately the CPU and did not let Windows shutdown itself then power off the CPU. Or maybe you accidentally deleted an unknown file which you don’t know Windows is using to load some drivers.

Try rebooting your computer to its last know good configuration.

  1. Click Start > Turn Off Computer > Restart.
  2. After the BIOS appeared, press F8 to boot Windows using its Advanced Menu.
  3. Under Windows Advanced Options Menu, choose Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked).
  4. Hit Enter all the way.

After Windows has finished booting up, try something to see if the Add Hardware Wizard will still pop up.

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