AdBlock 2.5 installation shows error

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I have reinstalled my Chrome browser several times but am still having problems installing AdBlock. Does anyone have a similar issue that got a solution?

Error image:

Error message:

An error has occurred

Download was not a CRX

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AdBlock 2.5 installation shows error


Check if you are signed in to a Google account. If not, sign in. If you are, sign out and then sign in again, then try again.

Another way to fix this issue is to go into Incognito Mode (press Ctrl+Shift+N). Reload the page where you start installing AdBlock in that mode and start the installation.

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AdBlock 2.5 installation shows error


One possible reason for that error is an unsupported browser. If you have reinstalled Google Chrome a couple of times but the extension still doesn’t install, the extension probably requires a much higher version of Google Chrome which means you need to update your browser. To make sure all up-to-date extensions support your browser, download the latest Google Chrome and install it to upgrade your existing version.

Once your browser is the latest, try installing the extension again then see if it works. If the problem continues, try using a different ad blocker instead like Disconnect, for example. I use this extension in all three browsers I have namely Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera to block ads and speed up my browsing.

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