Active Directory users / groups not working too

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I am using a windows server 2003 R2 configured as a DNS Server / DHCP /Active Directory / VPOP3(mail server).Everything was running smoothly the previous night , but the following morning I noticed the server was displaying the “Press ctrl +alt +Del To Login” . This made me think that we had a strong fluctuation or something of that sort but when I logged in I met the following symptoms; Internet is functioning properly but no icons in the tub showing network connections, the lower right corner to the start-menu had no icons apart from the date/time and It was impossible to paste and copy anywhere, to and from external devices. I went ahead and checked services.msc, the view to the right side was grayed out, though standard view was alright but some of the services are missing and I can’t seem to “STOP" /"START” etc. I am also getting an error message reading “Active Directory users / groups not working too. Domains not working and more services not working”. Can anyone please help me out with a solution?

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Active Directory users / groups not working too


If you see an error, this can be caused by a user who is a member of the group PINsafeusers but is part of another domain. Swivel will not be able to read the attributes of that user. Swivel would need to connect to that AD domain or read a Global Catalog Server.

Ensure that you can browse the AD domain, this will verify network connectivity and authentication.

If it is one Swivel instance that is not authenticating but other instances are, verify that the synchronization details are correct, ensuring that synchronization occurs at differing times. Restart the Swivel instance and monitor for synchronization.

If you see no error, but the user is not imported, and you are sure that the user is a member of an AD group configured as a PINsafe group, check whether this configured as the primary group for that user. Swivel cannot read membership of primary groups, as this is handled in a non-standard way by Active Directory. Either change the primary groups for the user to a different group, or if this is not possible or desirable, create a new group within Active Directory and use that as the Swivel group. This problem also applies to indirect membership: if the user's primary group is configured as a member of another group that Swivel is using, the user will not be imported.

If there are too many synchronization to the AD server such as multiple repositories configured, or synchronization is set to a small value such as 1-5 minutes, then the socket may be constantly busy. Ensure AD synchronization is set to occur at differing times and has a suitable interval between synchronization, typically every 60-120 minutes.

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